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Past ACRO Alert

ACRO Conference Successful!

The 2009 American College of Radiation Oncology annual conference was held February 26 through February 28, 2009 in Las Vegas. The conference was a complete success with excellent attendance and a variety of learning opportunities for radiation oncologists that stressed practical aspects of radiation oncology.

Here is a summary of the conference topics. A full report of the conference can be found in the Spring issue of the ACRO Bulletin:

Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Image-Guided Radiation Treatment

  • Arno Mundt, M.D., gave us an excellent discussion on IGRT in gynecologic malignancies, including current use and future directions.
  • Bill Salter, PhD, discussed stereotactic body radiosurgery of primary lung and liver tumors.
  • Shiyu Song, MD, presented data on stereotactic body radiation treatment for primary metastatic hepatic malignancies.
  • Dwight Heron, MD, gave us a didactic on SBRT for head and neck tumors, current uses and future uses.
  • Minesh Mehta, MD, discussed about primary management of brain tumors.


  • D. Jeffrey Demanes, MD, discussed the general benefits of brachytherapy for practicing radiation oncologists.
  • Robert Kuske, MD, provided updated breast brachytherapy and partial breast irradiation data.

Socioeconomic and Political Issues Affecting Daily Practice

  • Andrew Woods, JD, discussed the presidential election and congressional impact on radiation oncology and healthcare change.
  • Michael Steinberg, MD, talked about the CPT process and RUC review committee with potential coding changes in the future.
  • Andre Konski, MD, discussed the economic impact of emerging technologies.
  • Patricia Talone, RSM, PhD, lectured on ethical implications impacting radiation oncology practices today.
  • Ron DiGiamo, MBA, of Revenue Cycle, Inc., gave us a talk on billing and coding problems that was, as always, excellent.
  • Subir Nag, MD, gave us a talk on electronic brachytherapy and Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulation.
  • Paul Wallner, DO, outlined the activities of the ACRO Economics Committee.
  • Greg Cotter, MD, discussed practice accreditation with current status and the future implications for insurers.

Physics and Treatment Planning

  • Spring Kong, MD, gave us an excellent discussion of PET/CT imaging and radiation treatment planning.
  • Steven Howard, MD, provided data on dose rate issues in radiation oncology.
  • James Welsh, MD, gave us a breakfast overview of helio tomotherapy with future directions and current status.

Genetics and Quality of Life

  • Jondavid Pollock, MD, discussed BRCA-1 and BRCA-2, the breast cancer genes and genetic implications.
  • David Gius, MD, PhD, spoke on aging and cancer, and genetics.
  • Jeffrey Michalski, MD, reviewed quality of life following surgery or radiation treatment for prostate cancer patients.

The gold medal was awarded to James Rubenstein, MD, FACRO. We are all pleased at Jim�s accomplishment and contributions to our field over the years.

Carlos Perez, MD, gave the inaugural annual Luther W. Brady Lecture that honors Dr. Brady�s contributions to our field over more than 50 years.

The next annual meeting of the American College of Radiation Oncology will be held in Orlando, February 25 to 27, 2010. Please place this on your calender. As always, it will be an excellent educational event.

Paul J. Schilling, MD, FACRO
Community Cancer Center of North Florida
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